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Epic taste—fit for the gods

Deny yourself no longer! With Zoi Greek yogurt, the food of the gods is available to you right here on earth.

Why is it called Zoi? Zoi translates to "life, active and vigorous." This doesn't mean you can't sit still to eat Zoi—it just means you won't stay seated for long. It feeds your inner life force so you can head off on your daily odyssey with new zest.

Why are the deities smiling? Because the divine taste leads to true joy. Thick and creamy, Zoi satisfies with whole milk, cream and natural flavors like those the Greeks have reveled in for ages.

Why mimic ancient civilization? Greek yogurt has survived throughout history for many reasons including its heroic nutritional power. Get 25% of your daily calcium and 30% of Vitamin D3 in a 6-oz. cup, not to mention healthy protein. And with 6 live cultures paying homage to your digestive and immune systems, your inner hero will feel stronger than ever.