"Love, love, love your Greek Honey yogurt!!!! It is heaven! It tastes like crème brulee! With strawberries, it's the bomb! Thank you so much for your product!"

Roseville, CA

I think I'd rather eat Zoi Greek Yogurt than ice cream even. It's that good. I can't stop eating it. I've been eating 2 every day. I've been trying lots of brands of Greek yogurt lately, but none of them have the fresh taste like yours. Yours has the freshest fruit and yogurt taste I have ever tried. Later, I found out, there are no hormones or preservatives in your yogurt which is even better. The first time, I tried the Raspberry, which I loved, so I went back to get more. While I was in the store, looking at the yogurt, 2 other people grabbed some. One young guy put 30 Zoi yogurts in his cart, and a lady put a couple of Quarts in her cart, and I got one of each flavor. Between the 3 of us, the shelf was nearly empty. I like and will eat all of them, but my favorite is the Raspberry. My Husband likes Honey, my Daughter likes Strawberry and my Son likes the Blueberry. So we love all of them! Congratulations on making such a great Yogurt!

Pocatello, ID

I just really wanted to tell you that I just recently discovered Zoi Greek Yogurt, and I am addicted! It is my new favorite yogurt, ever! Zoi tastes so much better than any other Greek yogurt that I have tried, I didn't much like the others. So because of that, I was very un-sure to try Zoi, but I am so happy I did. I incorporate Zoi into my daily meals. If not, I have them as my breakfast or lunch. Zoi is amazing & I highly recommend it to my friends and family. That's all I wanted to say. Thank you for making such an amazing yogurt!!!

Dear Park, WA

Hello Zoi,
I recently saw your 32 oz Honey Greek Yogurt in the store, so I thought I would give it a try. I am glad I did. I added some fresh berries and pecans. This is The Best Greek Yogurt I have ever had. New Customer for life!

Thank you,

I just wanted to let you know how much I love ZOI. I have been eating yogurt for years but always felt like I needed something else a half hour later. My local grocery store had a sale on ZOI and I loved all the different flavors so I threw some in my cart. I was so pleasantly surprised. I tried it one day an hour before a fitness class and it gave me the fuel I needed to get through. I have always heard how much better Greek yogurt is for you but just kept with what I knew. I am now a believer. I now use it in smoothies, mixed in with my daily oatmeal and my favorite vanilla flavor as a quick sweet treat. Thanks again for making such a great product...

Clinton, UT

About a year ago, I was looking for a Greek yogurt I could like and picked up a quuart of Zoi. Since then, I have eaten more yogurt than I think I have my entire life! This stuff is delicious! I will not eat any other yogurt again!! Thank you!!

Springfield, OR

Hello, I wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy I am with your products! I specifically buy your Honey Greek Yogurt. I also enjoy your non fat! It’s not often in the retail industry you hear how great you are but this is one of those times! I have been nothing less than thrilled and always share your brand and products with my friends/family! Thank you again.

Thank you,

I’m not a big yogurt fan typically, and when I first tried Greek yogurt it was another brand and way too thick for my taste. However, on a whim, I purchased Zoi Honey Greek yogurt one day and absolutely loved it. Now my husband and I eat it almost every week for breakfast. Thanks for the great flavor.

Orem, UT

Dear Zoi,
OH MY GOODNESS. I just tried your Honey Greek Yogurt for the first time this morning and I am TOTALLY and COMPLETELY in love. Perfectly flavored. Perfectly sweetened. Perfect velvety smooth deliciousness. I don't think it gets any better than this. You've got a raving fan in me, that's for sure!

Portland, Oregon

I just had to write a fan letter to you folks. I've tried quite a few other brands of yogurts and have decided there's no need to look any further. In addition to being a terrific product, I'm VERY pleased that you're a local company. Keep up the great work!


Wow, do I ever LOVE your Honey Greek style yogurt. Better than ice cream or whip cream or any cream. AhhhhMAZING. Strawberries are on right now and sliced (LOCAL) strawberries with walnuts on your Zoi Honey Yogurt puts me right over the moon. Crazy good stuff! Thank you.

Redmond, WA

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