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Zoi Greek Yogurt—a modern classic

Zoi is made in the finest tradition of Greek yogurt to yield the rich, thick texture that gives it a distinctly epic identity. Then it's enriched with beneficial probiotics and vitamins, creating a delicious balance of ancient history and modern science. 

Become a modern muse by wisely choosing Zoi in quarts or 6-ounce packages. Your rewards will be considerable:

  • Grade A whole milk and cream that never contain artificial hormones like rBST or rBGH
  • Natural sugars for safe, delicious sweetness
  • 25% of required daily calcium to build strong bones
  • Vitamins A and D3 to support immune systems and enhance calcium absorption
  • 6 live cultures (4 probiotic) to aid digestion, energize you and keep you in harmony with nature

Zoi Yogurts give you good reasons to never skip breakfast—calcium, protein, probiotic cultures, and vitamins, for starters. They add nutritional power to lunch. They make an intelligent snack. And many find Zoi Greek yogurt more rewarding than ice cream for dessert. You'll want to keep several on hand for all hours of the day!

So grab a spoon and treat yourself and your family to healthful, velvety Zoi Greek yogurt today.

  • Rich flavor
  • Thick smooth texture
  • Natural sugars
  • 6 live cultures (4 probiotic)
  • Vitamins A & D3
  • Gluten-Free
  • No synthetic growth hormones